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Hello from Texas! We are Third Coast Guitars and Amps.

We build handmade electric guitars, basses, and hand wired tube amps. We use only quality hardwoods for our guitars, and only premium hardware. No assembly lines or factories, just two guys making great instruments. We have pictures posted on this site under our "products" section. Just click the tab on the left. 

Our MySpace page (hyperlink at top of page) has pictures of this latest guitar as well.  

If you are interested in having us build your next guitar or amp, send us an email. We will be happy to work with you to build the instrument you have always wanted.

Our Mission

To provide great handcrafted electric guitars, and hand-wired tube amplifiers to discerning musicians.

Company Profile

Third Coast Guitars was formed by DC Cowan and Chip Baker in 2005. We have been involved in the music industry for over 20 years in several ways. Not only did we play guitar and sing in several gigging bands, we also worked in live sound reinforcement and eventually moved into audio repair. In between band stints, we both gravitated towards electronics and electronic theory, and how it relates to audio. 

Around 1997, while running a repair shop inside of a local Austin music store, we felt they could build a much better product that was being offered to musicians at the time. Not to mention that after a while in the repair shop we both came to the conclusion the best guitar amps had undoubtedly been hand-wired tube driven amplifiers. Solid State had it's place, but guitar amplifiers wasn't one of them.

Well, around the same time, I (DC) had started a quest for materials to build my own electric guitar. It was like an impossible task to find a guitar that was comfortable, no tremolo, with 1 screamin' humbucker. I won't even go into how wrong I felt it was to 'paint' over beautiful wood.

By providence I found a great piece of Northern Ash, (the stuff baseball bats are made of). It was over 6 feet tall, 6 inches wide and 2 inches thick. When I saw it, I knew it would make a great guitar.  Click the picture below to have a larger view, of that guitar.


At the same time I bought a slab of old-growth Walnut. Now the Walnut, I must say looked pretty sad, but I bought it anyway. It was over 3 inches thick, so I knew we had allot of work ahead of us, but I knew we would find a beautiful specimen underneath. We think it turned out to be a beautiful guitar. 

This a one-piece solid Walnut body. The control cavity cover is made from 'Fiddle-back' Maple.  It's a great looking piece itself, and it's a heck of allot better than plastic. 

Other features include a 25.5" scale, compound radius neck made of figured maple and Macasar rosewood. It's loaded with med. Jumbo frets, Schaller Bridge/Tailpiece, Sperzel Locking machines (tuners),  a Bill Lawrence 500XL humbucker, and 1 volume pot.

Click on the pictures below to have a larger view.


From then on, we were on a mission. To provide great guitars to guitar players, made from superior grade hardwoods, and only the best hardware. Plus there is nothing that goes better with a hand-crafted guitar, than a hand wired tube amp, done the right way.

Contact Information

See the info below for contact info. We are U.S. Central Time. 
If you would like something custom, just send us an email, and I will get together with you to plan exactly what you want, whether it's a guitar or a great sounding tube amp.

Postal address
 San Marcos, TX 78666
Electronic mail
General Information: dc@thirdcoastguitars.com
Customer Support:dc@thirdcoastguitars.com
Webmaster: tcguitars@centurytel.net


Send mail to tcguitars@centurytel.net with questions or comments about this web site.
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